pykids is a voluntary effort to bring Python to elementary school (5th grade and above).
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  • Students use Azure notebooks provided by Microsoft. They are able to save their work and revisit it at home.


  • Pykids parthers with for Fall 2018 Python classes for HS students
  • Pykids partners with ASDRP. In summer 2018, Pykids provided project based learning to HS students. Read more -
  • Spring session (intermediate) kickoff afterschool program (Olive Childen Foundation), April 2018
  • Fall session (beginners) kickoff afterschool program (Olive Childen Foundation), October 2017
  • Presentation by student at PyCon 2018
  • Recent workshop held at PyBay 2017 , August 2017

Beginners curriculum

  1. Hello World python exercise
  2. Introduction to Jupyter notebook
  3. Calculator and simple math
  4. Creating name tags with strings
  5. Drawing
  6. Fun with loops (for and while)
  7. Conditionals (If else)
  8. Creating a chess board with ipythonblocks!
  9. Functions
  10. Creating your first script

Advanced curriculum

  1. More variables, strings, numbers
  2. Lists and tuples
  3. Dictionaries
  4. Advanced Functions
  5. Classes
  6. Exceptions
  7. Testing & Logging

Project Based Learning

  1. Funny “madlibs”
  2. Student report card by grade
  3. Beginners data science
  4. Electronics with mu-editor and microcontrollers


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Volunteers needed to run local meetups/chapters!


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